State of Consciousness

by Locus

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This is the fifth studio record from Vancouver-based electro-pop group Locus.


released August 25, 2014

All songs produced by Jason Chu and Kelvin Watson, except "Tomorrow," produced by Jason Chu, and “櫻桐 (Acoustic),” produced by Kelvin Watson.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Chu and Kelvin Watson
Executive Producer: Kelvin Watson
Photography: DC Photography
Design: Eluminous



all rights reserved


Locus Vancouver, British Columbia

Locus is a Vancouver-based pop band, comprising of vocalist Kaila So, classically-trained twins Jason and Kelvin Chu, and multi-instrumentalist Eric Chan. Since forming in late 2006, the quartet have written and produced five independently-released studio records. ... more

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Track Name: Rise
I came to lay me down/In silence I shall sleep to dream of you and me and the freedom that we breathe/Through our wandering days and all the nights awake to the sounds of stars that slowly drift away/This life we chose to rise like fire to guide our way through the dark/We're travellers in time/We're writers of our dreams/There's so much more to life if only we believe/We're gatherers of flames/We're riders in the wind/There's so much more to life/As long as we believe/So come and put me up to the test of life/Race against the time/It’s an upward climb/So just hold on tight and swing with all your might/Now’s the time to shine and leave the past behind/We're travellers in time/Agile in our stride/There's so much more to life/So don't give up the fight/We're carriers of light/We're riders in the wind/One day we'll be free/So just trust in me
Track Name: 櫻桐 (Parting Blossoms)
Track Name: Tomorrow
How are we to keep on trying in a place where hope is fading?/What is left is what we have to share, to believe/When the night seems never-ending and the sky too far to reach/There is light within our hearts to share and to give/So don't give in, so don't give in, I will never let go/It doesn't matter if we're near or far/We are never apart/Tomorrow, tomorrow's another day and I pray/I pray there will never be/Another, another broken heart/Tomorrow is when the sun will rise again/How are we to keep on going when it seems like all is dying?/What is left is what we have to share and to grieve/When the hurt seems never-ending, seems like peace will never come/There is strength within our hearts to bring and to give
Track Name: One Force
Too many people pushing/Too many people shouting/Too many voices fighting in me/I'm trying to find some reasons/I'm trying to keep the volume/When I'm playing I play for keeps/She went too far/I've lost her/You could not be bothered/Lighten up and listen/Only takes a second/Fighting with one force inside me/I'm shouting with one voice inside me/I'm running with one breath inside me/Believing with one heart inside me/It's all the finger pointing/I think this isn't working/I can't make any sense of this place/I'm sick and tired of rituals/World War III's habitual/Where were you when you were replaced?/I pulled up front you're breaking/Don't know what you're thinking/I'm the queen of patience/Sit and wait for silence/I'm fighting with one force inside me/I'm shouting with one voice inside me/I'm running with one breath inside me/Believing with one heart inside me/Do you see this broken heart?/I'm reaching out but it's so hard/I'm afraid to take this remedy when I'm waiting for the tragedy/I’m pushing with one force inside me/I'm crying with one voice inside me/I'm charging with one breath inside me/I'm living with one goal inside me
Track Name: 櫻桐 (Acoustic)
Track Name: Shine (Acoustic)
You came to me when I was lost/Couldn't find where I belonged/You came along/You stopped my fears/Whispered words that make me strong/You held me tight throughout the highs and lows and complicated times/You stayed behind in my heart so I know that I can fly/I will shine for you/For everything that you have tried to pull me through/I will shine even when all lights have turned away from me/Deep inside, I know/I will shine for you/You came to me/Gave me resolve/So I'd find where I belong/You came to mind/You saved my soul so I'll leave the scars behind/I will shine for you/For every promise that you've kept and being true/Deep inside I know, I'll shine for you
Track Name: Take Me Away (Live)
So dark a sky I've stood in wait for rainbows to rise from shattered tears/I thought I saw your grace/Won't you come to me and tell me what should I believe/Enlight me, devour me, when all I see, has drawn out my soul and I'll give it all for another grant of mercy/Before the last rose weathers away, will you take me away today?/Take me away today/So dark a sky I've tried to reach for somebody hearing out for me/I thought I saw your face/Won't you come to me and tell me what should I believe